How Fees Work & Registrations

How Fees Work

  If you have registered for the wrong competition or played in a Term 1, please do not try to upgrade, contact to get this fixed.

The fees are categorised into four sections outlined as follows:

  • Hockey Australia/Hockey Victoria (HA/HV) Fees
    • These fees, levied by HA/HV, encompass your registration, insurance, and administrative expenses accrued through Hockey Australia & Hockey Victoria. They remain applicable for the calendar year and are a one-time payment.
    • The sole deviation from the aforementioned is if you opt for a game membership, permitting participation in only 5 matches. This can be upgraded to a full membership for an additional cost.
    • HA/HV membership fees are located here
  • PEGS Hockey Club Competition Fees
    • PEGS Hockey Club organises multiple competitions concurrently and imposes fees for each competition.
    • When engaging in multiple competitions within the same season, we offer a combination fee at a discounted rate, rather than paying the full fee for each individual competition.
    • PEGS Fees are paid in advance unless on a payment plan.
    • For payment plans, please contact prior to registering.
    • PEGS Hockey Fees are located here
  • Volunteer Hours Levy
    • Throughout our winter competition season, there is a significant amount of effort required to maintain the club's operations.
    • We impose a $50 levy on players, which can be reimbursed upon completion of six volunteer hours.
    • Further information on volunteering can be found here
  • Merchant Fees
    • PEGS Hockey Club utilises the RevSport payment gateway for fee collection, with RevSport applying a merchant fee to all transactions.
    • Merchant fees are calculated at a rate of 2% of the total transaction inc + $1.60 (RevSport fee).

Early Bird Discount (Winter Competitions Only)
If you register before 16th March 2024 you can get a 5% discount on fees
These must be paid in full by 16th March 2024 or discount will be removed
Discount is not applicable for Casual players.
Code is displayed during the registration process.

Goal Keeper Fees 
Goal Keepers there is no special registration, please register as a regular player.

Junior Age Groups
Age groups are determined by the players age at the 1st January:
Age Group    Year of Birth
U8                 2016, 2017
U10               2014, 2015
U12               2012, 2013
U14               2010, 2011
U16               2008, 2009
U18               2006, 2007

Doubling Up 
Same competition, no extra charge.
Different competition, you may be invoiced.

Casuals Extra Information
Players who possess any type HA/HV registration are ineligible to register as casuals. For registration, please reach out to
Players can't play in finals.
Doubling up will count as 2 separate games.
If you'd like to play more than 5 games, you'll need to upgrade to a full membership.

To register with PEGS Hockey Club go here

If you need further clarification on any of these categories or their fees, contact:

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