Winter Fees

2024 Winter Fees

General Information 
Please ensure you read through the page How Fees Work before registering.
***We mandate a supplementary $50 deposit from all winter season participants, which can be refunded upon completing 6 hours of volunteer work***


Competition PEGS Fee
Juniors U8 (Skills & Development Only) $55
Juniors U8 (Training & Matches) $140
Juniors U10 $180
Juniors U12-U18 $300
Juniors U12-U18 + Seniors (Week-End) $620
Juniors Casual (Max 5 Games) $185



Competition PEGS Fee
Seniors U18 (Week-End) $410
Seniors U23 (Week-End) $480
Seniors (Week-End)
Seniors (Week-End) + HV Official
Seniors Masters (Mid-Week)
Seniors Masters (Mid-Week) + HV Official​​​​​
Seniors (Week-End & Mid-Week)
Seniors (Week-End & Mid-Week) + HV Official
Seniors Life Member
Seniors Life Member + HV Official*
Seniors Casual (Max 5 Games) $185

*If you have an HV accreditation as an Umpire or Technical Officer, please select the option with + HV Official

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